“Education is the most important stage in the life of children as they step into the real world to become better citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders of the world. A school building plays a significant part in this learning process and our endeavor is to create a safe environment conducive to learning. “

In doing so, we have focused on the following:

Learning Environment:

Creating spaces conducive to learning is a priority. Safety is the first requirement. Next comes noise control. School site is set back from the main highway & located away from the noise and clutter of the city. In addition plenty of trees on the campus create a good micro climate while creating a noise barrier. Another consideration is to create well lit and comfortable classrooms. We used daylight analysis to locate and size the classroom windows for optimum level and distribution of natural light. Classroom windows have child friendly low height sills. The classrooms are clustered around open to sky courtyards allowing for cross ventilation and natural light from two sides. Classrooms with south facing windows are provided with louvers outside the window to cut down on glare and direct sunlight.


Safety is one of the foremost considerations for us in designing this school. There are several aspects to safety, from well-lit spaces to safe and fast evacuation in the case of an emergency. The academic blocks are designed around courtyards with single loaded corridors leading to the classrooms. Two separate entries to the academic block, one central and one towards the rear allow for ease of movement and avoid over- crowding at peak times or during evacuation.  Teacher’s rooms on both floors are located centrally so they have a view of the main entry, central staircase and the courtyards. All entry & exit points, corridors and classrooms are monitored via CCTV. In addition, the academic block has direct access from the admin building.

The courtyards not only provides  safe, well lit, self-contained area for kids to spend some outdoor learning and play time but also acts as a naturally ventilated well not allowing any smoke or fumes to accumulate within the building in case of an emergency.  The administration building is located at the front with direct access to the academic block and full view of the school entrance and bus loading areas. Apart from emergency vehicular access, all vehicles including school buses are restricted to a limited area in the front of the school site with rest of the school grounds a vehicle free zone.  School buses are also monitored via CCTV and are GPS enabled. GPS Access is also provided to parents to track the buses from mobile/computer. Each bus has well trained staff comprising of diver, cleaner & a female attendant. A separate pedestrian access is provided from the school main gate to the admin and academic block.

 Universal access:

Education is every child’s right and we have designed the school building to be universally accessible. Wheelchair accessible ramps have been provided both for the Administration building and the Academic block. Ground floor of the school building is fully accessible with no significant level changes, sufficiently wide doors and a fully equipped accessible restroom.  Separate toilets for boys and girls located centrally have been provided on both floors with child friendly low height fixtures.

 Extra-curricular activities:

A lot of learning happens outside the classroom. Along with the interior courtyards which act as safe semi-outdoor activity areas, we have a large, well lit multi-purpose room which also opens up to outdoor seating for cultural events. In addition, multiple courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton are planned around the school block along with a football field with a running track and cricket practice nets.

Context and sustainability:

A school serves the local community and the school building has a responsibility to respond to the site and area where it is located. Use of local building materials such as stone creates a building well suited to the local conditions while also promoting local tradition. The design of the school adapts the age old concept of central courtyards allowing natural daylight while creating a comfortable micro climate reducing our dependence on artificial lighting and climate control. School design and layout of spaces also follow the site profile and natural contours.”